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One of our core principles is to share our expertise and experience to help develop better remuneration practice across all organisations.

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Title Published
Setting the right salary
Hospitality Magazine Article, Spring 2013
15 Mar 2013
You want how much?
Hospitality Magazine Article, Autumn 2012
11 Oct 2012
Selecting and Benefitting from Salary Surveys
An introduction to the use of salary surveys. Useful guidance to any salary survey user
15 May 2010
Thinking Outside the Square
Using software for controlling Human Resources and Remuneration Management costs.
3 May 2010
Integrating Job Evaluation
Links between job evaluation processes, market data and competencies
3 May 2010
Managing the Thin Blue Line
An examination of a customised technology-based job evaluation
3 May 2010
Maximising the Value from Market Surveys
Following a recession, making the best use of market remuneration surveys will be a key.
15 Jan 2010

Products and services information

Title Published
MHR Global Services
An overview of the services MHR Global provides
1 Sep 2012
Remuneration in 4-D
MHR Global's Remuneration in 4-D framework
1 Sep 2012
MHR Remuneration Data Service
Information about our salary survey
1 Sep 2012
Smart360: Performance Feedback
Context-targeted 360-degree Feedback
1 Sep 2012
Remuneration Model
The Remuneration Structure modelling tool available within the MHR Remuneration Data Service.
1 Sep 2012
JE Leader Online Information Sheet
MHR Global's online job evaluation system
1 Sep 2012
Appraisal-Smart Information Sheet
Online performance management system
1 Sep 2012
MHR Remuneration Data Service Sample reports
Examples of reports available in the MHR Remuneration Service and Hotels Remuneration Service
1 Sep 2012


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