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Bespoke solutions

We know that no one organisation is the same as another – and we know our clients all face different challenges.

For when you have specific issues, need additional consultancy support around our tools or your own bespoke or customised survey or report, we are able to draw on our network of Reward and Survey specialists who can help.

To help you know where we can help, we’ve put together the most common areas where we find we add most value to our clients.

Remuneration Strategy & Structures (using our Rem in 4D Framework)

We work with our Framework to help clients manage rewards in an integrated way, and align employee behaviours and rewards with those business objectives of the organisation. In looking at remuneration from this holistic perspective you are able to make sure all the component elements of reward programmes work together and also ensure engagement and understanding of the workforce.

Executive Remuneration and Benchmarking

Our MHR RemData Service means that we have access to up-to-date market-based remuneration information. Clients from both the public and private sectors, have taken advantage of access to this information and seek our advice when establishing remuneration packages for Chief Executive and Senior Management roles. We are also able to offer advice on the current structure of remuneration packages compared to typical market practice, and offer guidelines for the implementation of any new packages, and annual review of those packages.

Market Pricing of Roles

The access we have to market data, and the same rigorous processes we use to advise on Executive remuneration levels, is also applied to provide our clients with advice on remuneration ranges for other positions. With in excess of 300 positions covered by the twice yearly updates we can provide up-to-date data on a wide range of positions. Where positions are not covered by the regular service we can provide advice on the development of Job Evaluation based remuneration structures and conduct bespoke surveys to collect and analyse the data on specific positions.

Bonus and Incentive Programmes

The provision of bonus payments to reward high performance continues to be an important area of remuneration management. Globally much effort has been invested in researching the impact of ‘at risk’ payments on performance and that research suggests that the most successful organisations are those with both conservative values for guaranteed remuneration, and ‘at risk’ payments which potentially lift the overall package into the next category. We can assist you in identifying the incentive plans which are right for your business, and in developing, supporting and implementing that plan.

Performance Management

The main aim of any Performance Management system is to improve the performance of the organisation by improving the performance of individual staff and groups of staff. A good performance management provides a key input into decisions on remuneration adjustments and the payment of incentive payments – and a strong link to the development of training programmes. We help clients implement the Appraisal-Smart tool and also looking at Key Performance Indicators; Competency Frameworks; 360º Feedback.

Outsourced HR advice for SMEs

Keeping abreast of HR-related best practice and compliance when you are a smaller organisation, can be a headache. We work with SME clients, providing an outsourced Human Resources service, to give organisations access to experienced Human Resources practitioners, who can assist at all levels, in developing both strategic and operational HR programmes, and in providing quality HR advice on an ‘as needed’ basis.

This may cover: Change Management; Implementation of new structures; Appointment processes; Transitional arrangements; Human Resources Management; Human Resources Strategy; Human Resources Policy and Procedures, including HR Audits; Development and documentation of HR Processes; General Human Resources advice; Employee Relations.

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