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JE Leader Online™

JE Leader Online™ is an innovative, fully customisable remuneration management system, which allows you to quickly evaluate job roles and develop a remuneration structure for your business.

"The JE Leader system is quick to use and not at all tricky to find your way around. We've been able to compare what looked like very different jobs, and use that information along with MHR's remuneration survey data to set remuneration for these roles."

It does this by enabling you to determine your organisation’s hierarchy of jobs by looking at the characteristics which distinguish one role from another. This is invaluable when looking at different, unrelated jobs or when merging one business with another and combining pay and reward structures.

Line managers simply log in to the JE Leader Online website and complete a brief job evaluation questionnaire with their employees, typically with the assistance of a trained Evaluator.

The 'smart' questionnaire selects each question based on the previous answers, avoiding those questions which may be irrelevant to the role being evaluated. The JE Leader system captures your responses and automatically calculates the role's value to the organisation and its position in the organisational hierarchy.

JE Leader Online also links directly with our market remuneration databases to provide users with the most up to date information available for use in developing and maintaining remuneration structures using the Remuneration Structure Model.

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